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About Us

Michal’s model of activity in the Megiddo Regional Council is different than the classical congregational model implemented by most Rabbis, since the members and participants are scattered in many localities that form the regional area of Megiddo.

Instead, Michal established an organization for Jewish Renewal named “Megid Haruach”, a registered non-profit organization which serves the families in Megiddo’s kibbutzim and localities in a way that suits their needs and allows the forming of a non-traditional congregational model.

In the five years that Michal has been developing Megid Haruach, she has also developed partnerships and connections between various organizations, families, and communities, in order to adapt Jewish experience to the local “voice” and make it accessible to the local audience.

Thus, in addition to the “classical” activities and work that happens in most congregational models, such as: Jewish life cycle ceremonies (Progressive Bnei mitzvah, weddings, Britot, burials); Batei Midrash (Jewish text learning) and Jewish education; Shabbat and Holiday services; and Jewish family activities, Michal has also found a way to enter into the hearts of Megiddo locals - by combining creativity, culture, and art with Jewish renewal and utilizing the great focus on music and dance, bibliotherapy, art, and social justice within Judaism.

Michal also invests in working with local educational institutions and provides spiritual accompaniment and guidance for community members who are in need of assistance during challenging life circumstances, periods of transition, and crises.


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