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The Progressive Jewish initiative set in the Megiddo Regional Council was established in 2013, is led by Rabbi Michal Ken Tor, and serves over 10,000 individuals from several local kibbutzim and small localities.

Rabbi Michal Ken Tor has established the following activities and services in order to provide a liberal, Progressive, and accessible Jewish impact among our population, which is characterized as largely secular and not accustomed to Jewish practice.

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Our Activities

Megid Haruach exposes our community in the Megiddo region, to Progressive and Reform Judaism at its best. From communal activities to private ceremonies, join us!

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Megid Haruach is all about sharing tradition, knowledge, and wisdom of the Progressive Jewish essence and embedding it in everyday life in the Megiddo Regional Council. 

Meet our Team and Volunteers

Megid Haruch has brought together different minds and hearts, from different backgrounds and professions, all wishing to connect on spiritual and communal levels. We are mostly volunteers, reaching out together for mutual collaboration, creating a strong spiritual community.

      A little about me

 Rabbi Michal Ken Tor

Rabbi Michal Kentor

Michal Ratner Ken Tor was born in Kibbutz Geva, grew up on Moshav Kfar Yehezkel in the Jezreel Valley, and is the fifth child from a Zionist family who made Aliyah in 1968 from the USA. After her military service as an officer, Michal attended Bar Ilan University where she studied  Political Science and Communications. She continued her education in Jewish Studies at the Schechter Institute where she received her MA.

Michal is a multi-talented educator who has been engaged in the field for over twenty years. Her informal education work includes: leading youth groups, discussion groups, and coexistence groups, teaching in Batei Midrash for adults and youth groups, leading mother and daughter groups, and more. Her formal educational work includes: teaching and training courses for schools, colleges, educational training institutions, teacher groups, and more.

Most recently, Michal has been responsible for developing curricula programs on subjects such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah, social justice, and various streams of Judaism.

"Turn it and turn it again, for everything is in it." (Mishnah Perkei Avot 5:25)

"The type of Judaism which I wish to teach is respectful, creative, deep, and meaningful," says Michal. "We should not only talk about Judaism but also from within Judaism to understand the sources as things that are defining our identity, which we evaluate, criticize, and use to embrace the spirit of Judaism and turn it into a creative force in our lives."


Michal is a creative and innovative Jewish leader, heading a new community in the Megiddo Regional Council as part of its work for the Israel Reform Movement. She also teaches Talmud and Tefila (prayer) at the Reform Movement's Mechina in Jaffa.


Michal is married to Itay, who is a filmmaker, and is the mother of three  sons.

The Ken Tor family lives in Pardes Hanna.

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